Introduction to OUR Munros . . .

 There are many Munro lineages originating in Scotland.  The particular clan with which we concern ourselves here has branched down the generations to become a large and populous tree. Marriages of female Munros of earlier generations have introduced such names as Crawford, Griffin, Smith, Sneath, Leadlay, Stewart, Wattie, Grant, Pratt and more. 

Seeking contributions . . . 

Relax, we don't mean money!  If any of the Munro descendants who read this have begun and are maintaining family history information of their own, we would sure like to get a look at it.  Similarly, we are always in search of any family history documents and photos.  When we say documents, even the smallest snippet of information can tell us much—old receipts, school records, newspaper clippings, obituaries, all these have their story.  Of particular interest are old letters.  We have some, written from one family member to another, as far back as 1888, and shortly we will publish them here.  You will be amazed at what they tell of the family and its disposition in times past.  My contact info is below on this page.  I'd love to hear from you.   


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  We are George and Ardis, each of us five generations down the line from where the first Munros in our clan came to North America. The task of recording family history is monumental; we have concluded that our lives will not be long enough to make a complete job of it.  For now, we will confine our attempt to recording those of our gang who are as close as possible to the direct line of Munros, but clearly that must needs reach into other families. The information laid out in these pages will serve as a starting point for future family historians who will have a focus point to broaden the scope of this family history.    

  A simple family tree chart is only briefly interesting; what we all want to know is not so much WHO our ancestors were as WHAT they were.  Along with Ardis, we have compiled an amazing amount of information—Ardis more than me, for she is a tireless and gifted researcher.  We eternally seek more, but the time has come to set down what we know for the ever-widening clan to look in upon, and contribute to, where they can. This introductory narrative is a sketch only; we will fill in details (many of them very interesting!) on pages specific to the characters mentioned as this website expands.


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